Regent Healthcare's services range from companion care, personal care to 24/7 homecare, hospice and dementia support, skilled nursing services, and more.

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In-Home Care in Maryland

If you have elderly loved ones with special health needs, it is best to seek professional assistance from our compassionate and qualified registered nurses and personal care providers. At Regent Healthcare LLC, we offer personalized in-home care in Baltimore that includes medical care and non-medical companion care. We focus on making our clients as comfortable, safe, and healthy as possible in their own homes. Our personalized care aims to increase their independence and confidence, so that the most optimal quality of life can be achieved.

Advantages of Senior In-Home Care

In-home elderly care is about meeting the health needs of our clients while ensuring their peace of mind. Many families do not possess the medical training or equipment necessary to care for their loved ones on a regular basis. Our caregivers have the skills and resources to provide senior in-home care on a short- or long-term basis. Whether you need 24/7 support or daily afternoon assistance, we can tailor our services to suit your family’s preferred schedule.

The flexibility of our service is one of the many advantages we have over alternative senior care options, such as nursing homes. Under our care, the client maintains the personal independence and freedom that come with living at home. Rather than forcing a client to conform to a specific regimen, we can personalize his or her daily activities and any necessary medical treatments around individual needs.

This personalized level of care also means that the client gets to enjoy the company of a friendly and professional caregiver. The emotional support that comes with regular human interaction goes a long way toward maintaining a person’s health and happiness. Our clients often continue living at home far longer than they ever expected with help from our senior in-home care services.

In-Home Health Care from Qualified Professionals

Our staff has experience with every facet of in-home health care, both medical and nonmedical. Each caregiver undergoes a thorough screening process to ensure they meet the high standards we have for everyone on our staff. This screening includes skills, as well as drug testing, criminal background checks, and the verification of licenses and references. We also conduct one-on-one interviews to gage the personality and temperament of each caregiver. This ensures all of our caregivers are professionally qualified and personally dedicated to providing the best senior in-home care.

Contact us today to discuss our in-home care options. We serve many clients located throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas.